all about super cluckin’ sunday

NewChicken#1What:     Cutty’s Super Cluckin’ Sunday! On this glorious day, we will be offering only ONE sandwich: Buttermilk Fried Chicken! Expect crispity-crunchity chicken, zippy ranch dressing, tangy BBQ sauce, shredded iceberg + shaved sweet onion on a buttered-up sesame brioche bun. Drinks and our house-made potato chips will be available…as will lots of hand pies (flavors vary).

When:    One Sunday a month, 10 AM until we run out. We post the dates here.

Where:   Cutty’s, 284 Washington Street, Brookline Village

Why:       For obvious reasons, obviously.

Sorry, we cannot accept phone order during Super Cluckin’ Sunday…it’s a first come, first serve kind of deal. No worries though, the line moves swiftly!